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Heavy Duty Mining Lockers


Cool Lockers designs the perfect heavy duty lockers which are suitable for different heavy industries such as mining, manufacturing, petroleum, forestry and others. Our heavy duty metal lockers are perfect for industries where things can get dirty, messy and wet. We have equipped our lockers with special features to make it easy for workers to store their things safely.

Our lockers are made from corrode resistant material and hence workers can easily store their wet, dirty and muddy gear and uniforms without bothering about damaging the locker. Therefore, the lockers need to be durable enough to withstand dampness. Some of our lockers come with vented doors. Such lockers facilitate the drying of gear and clothes and also ensure to keep the place odour free and tidy.  


What Makes Our Heavy Duty Lockers The Best


  • Our heavy duty steel lockers help the workers to safely keep their belongings after a long day of work. This is because our lockers are made from exceptionally good and sturdy material. The handles are durable, long-lasting and come with a beautiful finish.
  • The lockers that are provided by Cool Locker, come with heavy duty shelving. The shelves are made of high quality materials and are extremely sturdy. They offer top-notch support and rigidity.
  • Each locker will have a different key and lock combination. This makes sure that it can only be opened by the person with the designated locker. This reduces the chances of theft and gives an extra level of safety.
  • Some of our racks also feature a boot rack. This helps the workers to hang their wet boots to dry out.  All our lockers feature an easy to clean design. The workers can conveniently sweep out the lockers to get rid of dirt, mud or water settled at the base of the locker. Other features that make our lockers unique and efficient are coat hooks, huge colour choices, availability in varied sizes, built-in locks, custom ventilation, coat bars, mesh doors, vented doors, etc.


Heavy Duty Plastic Lockers for Mining Industries


At Cool Lockers, we not only provide steel lockers but we also have plastic ones. These plastic lockers are equally sturdy and provide safety to the keepers. We do not compromise with the quality of our lockers and hence are one of the best suppliers of heavy duty lockers.

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